In Grand Style: Celebrations in Korean Art during the Joseon Dynasty

In Korea, milestones have traditionally been celebrated with festivals and feasts. These celebrations help define and honor an individual's identity.

In Grand Style was based on a 2009 exhibition at the National Museum of Korea; the exhibition at the Asian Art Museum that this book documents incorporated new research findings. Co-organized by the Asian and the NMK, the show presented rare and exquisite objects drawn from some 10 museums in Korea. Highlights include a 10-panel folding screen of Celebrations on the Crown Prince's Birth from 1874, a portrait of Emperor Gojong from 1897, a Royal Procession to the Royal Tomb at Hwaseong from 1795, and king's thrones and palanquins.

The book documents Koreans’ taste for splendor and grandeur. It explores the meaning and obligations of kingship, the elite culture of the court and the upper class during the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910), and the complex roles of women in organizing and presenting elaborate celebrations, in the grandest of styles.

In Grand Style was on view at the Asian Art Museum from Oct. 25, 2013 through Jan. 12, 2014.

Additional information:

  • Author: Hyonjeong Kim Han
  • Size: 9.2" x 9.2"
  • Pages: 266
  • Hardcover / Paperback
  • Publication: 2014