Yoga: The Art of Transformation
The book features sculptural masterpieces of historical and divine yogis, exquisite Mughal paintings of militant yogis and romantic heroes, illustrated manuscripts of Hindu philosophy and Islamic divination, monumental images of the chakras (energy centers of the body), and 19th-century photography. Written by leading experts in religion, sociology, anthropology, and art history, the book's interdisciplinary perspectives make it an important resource for scholars, yet its text is eminently accessible to general audiences. In addition to seven major essays, the book includes 250- to 1,500-word catalogue entries describing each artwork or related group of artworks (e.g., folios from a single manuscript or works related to a yogic practice, such as meditation). These entries illuminate the works' individual qualities by situating them, for the first time, within intersecting historical, artistic, and yogic networks.

360 pages