Crinkle Scented Candle - Yuki
Crinkle Scented Candle - Yuki Crinkle Scented Candle - Yuki

Kitchibe’s organic candles are made with Japanese design and craftsmanship using only domestically sourced plant-based ingredients. Their unique, exquisite scents, designed to appeal to everyone, call on 200 years’ experience.

YUKI - Clean feel with a hint of mint, nothing like it
When winter mornings frizzes in time, with powdery snow sprinkling down on a stones garden, the silence is devoid of all sounds. Almost nothing here except the feeling of this scene. To catch it, just sit, watch, hear and smell the garden in austere comfort.

Top note : Crystal mint
Middle notes : Powder snow, Floral cotton
Base note : Earthy wood, Large round stone
Fragrance notes: the feeling of walking across cool and quiet flagstones is captured with mint, and the inorganic qualities of stone recreated with green rose. White rose, iris, vanilla, and musk are used for the sprinkling snow.
  • Made in Japan
  • Seto white porcelain
  • Soy wax
  • Burns up to 40 hours