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Asatsuyu Loose leaf Green Tea

Asatsuyu Loose leaf Green Tea

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Deep in the wooded hills of Kirishima, a region known for producing some of the world’s finest teas, stand lush fields tended by master growers for the last five generations. These innovators in organic cultivation produce shining examples of some of Japan’s most sought-after tea varieties, each expertly picked, steamed, rolled, and dried to maximize flavor and preserve nutritional content. The Morihata Tea Collection is proud to bring these masters’ reverence for tradition and forward-thinking production to the cups of discerning tea drinkers everywhere.

A complex and intriguing shade-grown Gyokuro tea with a savory broth-like flavor and satisfying tannins.

Meaning “morning dew” in English, Asatsuyu is a gyokuro tea that's prized for its rich flavor, exceptional aroma, and limited availability. Like their matchas, Asatsuyu is carefully shade-grown prior to harvesting. This process coaxes out all of the umami-rich compounds like theanine and chlorophyll while also decreasing the amount of astringent tannins, resulting in a sweet and full-bodied cup.

Notes: Dark green tea leaves that produce a slightly viscous and sweet cup rich in umami flavors like miso and nori seaweed.

Additional Information:

  • Size: 2.82 oz (80 g)
  • Can be brewed hot or cold (loose leaf and tea bags)
  • Ingredients: Organic green tea (Camellia sinensis)
  • Care Instructions: Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. For optimal flavor please consume within 6 months of opening. 
  • Made in Japan
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