Balinese Beaded Circle Link Bracelet

This collection of sterling silver jewelry from Bali is entirely handcrafted by artisans that specialize in ancient jewelry-making techniques passed down through generations. Your purchase helps support these craftspeople and preserve ancient traditions.

The art of metalwork in Indonesia can be traced back thousands of years, to the Bronze Age. During the 16th century, as the Hindu Majapahit Empire succumbed to the Islamic Sultanate of Demak, many craftsmen and noblemen left the island of Java for nearby Bali and the small island became an important center for metalwork. Common techniques in Balinese silver smithing include filigree and granulation, in which a very thin wire or tiny bead is attached to a base in intricate patterns. The braiding of silver wires into thick ropes is another impressive technique. Their artistry and skills may be seen in the following video:


Additional Information:

  • Length 71/2 inches
  • Each link 1/2 inch