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Batik Painting Kit

Batik Painting Kit

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Traditional Malaysian Art

The wax keeps the colors contained within selected sections of the template and makes it a rewarding painting experience (unless a lot of water is used when painting). Painting builds fine motor skills in children and helps them express themselves. For adults, it's a great way to relax and enjoy a new art form.

We're two sisters on a mission to spread the art of joyTM through creativity. We believe that everyone is creative and should be given the opportunity to dream, ideate and express themselves.

With the support of our parents, we launched Color Cruiser, LLC, our boutique art and craft store in 2017. We offer unique batik fabric painting kits. Batik is a traditional art form that can be found in many parts of Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. We were both introduced to batik painting during our trips to visit family in Malaysia when we were very young. And, this traditional art form stuck with us.We loved it so much that we wanted to introduce it to children and adults in the United States. We design these bakit kits ourselves and with some help from a batik manufacturer, we've evolved them to the wonderful products that we have for you today. Give them a try.

  • Kit includes: 8 x 8 inch pre drawn wax design, paint, brush & palette 
  • Recommended Age: 3+
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