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Active Women Handmade Notecards

Active Women Handmade Notecards

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You don’t need to skate around in circles, shoot in the dark or scoot from a topic when you can simply say it with a card! This illustrated card box features portraits of women who walk the walk, all you’ll need to do is talk the talk.

Welcome to artist Sangita Jogi’s imaginative universe, populated by women who revel in each other’s company, enjoy dressing up, playing sports, partying… and generally strutting around with cool confidence. From the book The Women I Could Be.

This amazing project has been several years in the making and is especially close to our feminist hearts. Read a blog post by Gita Wolf – The Making of The Women I Could Be – to learn more about Sangita’s journey, and how we collaborated with her to come up with a book that speaks to every woman who reads it.

Additional Information:

  • 10 cards and envelopes
  • Card 5 x 7 inches
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