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Ume Plum Jam

Ume Plum Jam

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2018 Good Food Awards Winner in the preserves category!

If you like succulent, plummy, apricot-like flavors, this is a must-try jam.

With a complex taste profile, naturally tangy with flowery apricot notes and a slight bitterness, this plum jam is made with Nanko ume plums and organic sugar. Use it as a topping for plain yogurt or vanilla ice cream, or serve it with rich and mild cheeses. Or pick up a spoon and eat it straight out of the jar!

Yumé Boshi is a small food producer located in Oakland, California that makes Japanese preserves in small batches, using traditional artisanal methods and local produce from California.

  • Ingredients: ume plums, organic sugar
  • 5 ounces
  • Made in San Francisco
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