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Chrysanthemum Fan

Chrysanthemum Fan

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Founded in the first year of the Taisho era, Suehirodo has inherited the traditional techniques of "Nagoya folding fans" that have continued since the Horeki era (1751-1764).  They continue to make use of what they have inherited and work to develop new products that match the changing times.

The sensu or folding fan, is a Japanese creation that originated around the beginning of the 9th century. The fans are said to have been introduced into China sometime in the 12th-13th century by visiting Japanese Zen priests. Today, the cities of Nagoya and Kyoto are the two main sensu production centers. Even today, the fans continue to be made the traditional way by artisans in Nisi Ward, the heart of Nagoya sensu production.

The front and back folding fan features painted chrysanthemums on a field of deep green. 

Additional Information:

  • Size: 
    • Handle: 7 3/4 length
    • Open: 13 1/2 inches wide
  • Instructions:
    1. Face the senkotsu (main front rib) upwards and hold it gently.
    2. Lift the senkotsu up a little, slowly spreading it away to open it. Spread it gently, slowly, and carefully. Please be careful since spreading it all at once or in the opposite direction may damage the fan.
    3. When you close the fan, close the fan one fold at a time.
  • Handmade in Japan
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