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Imari Charger Meiji Period c.1920

Imari Charger Meiji Period c.1920

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This oversize charger from the late Meiji period is hand-painted with the image of a hawk perched on a branch of a pine tree seemingly watching the activities below him, with a sunrise in the horizon. The image is creatively painted  in a “shikishi”  form on top of square background with red and green designs. The charger's border is likewise decorated in blues, green, and red. 

This piece is sourced from Guillermina Emy LaFever, who is known for her unique, quirky art and furnishings with an Asian emphasis. She has traveled the world acquiring and merchandising her incredible collection for 35 years. 

  • Handmade in Japan
  • Handpainted
  • Porcelain
  • Multicolored
  • 24" diameter
  • 10 lbs
  • Handwash
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