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Vana Herbal Tea Energy

Vana Herbal Tea Energy

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Founded in a small coastal town of Cambria, CA, Vana Tisanes was started by Mike Coulson and Miho Watanabe. Together they craft their tisanes in small batches, using organic ingredients and always with their consumers quality of life in mind. 

Energy Herbal Tea is the perfect blend for mornings or afternoons by providing a clear, non-jittery boost of energy. The blend enhances stamina, lessens fatigue, and balances the body to use energy more effectively. Yerba Mate and Green Tea blend with adaptogenic herbs that reduce the effects of stress on the nervous system. Energy Herbal Tea eases adrenaline caused by stress-induced fight or flight. This blend supports improved memory function, focus and endurance.

Please note this tisane contains low levels of caffeine, but because it is balanced out with a host of other nutrients, it should not give you the jittery effect or make you crash.

  • Net weight: 1oz or 28g
  • Comes with one reusable tea bag
  • Serving size: 2.8g
  • 10 servings per ounce
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