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Home Salon Hair Pack

Home Salon Hair Pack

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KOCOSTAR's Home Salon Hair Pack is filled with amazing ingredients that will have your hair looking like you just came out of a salon! Unlike other hair care products, allows you to go about your everyday tasks and receive the same amount of treatment and care you can get at a nearby salon without having to leave your home.

Additional Information:

  • Includes: 1 hair cap
  • Directions: *Apply after removing makeup and cleansing the face.
    1. After shampoo, dry hair slightly and prepare the cap for use.
    2. Wear the cap and put all hair inside (If you have shoulder length hair, please tie your hair once and then put the cap on)
    3. Tighten the cap to the according head size with the sticker on the cap.
    4. Massage the essence gently to absorb rich nutrients into your hair.
    5. Wear the pack for 15-20 minutes (May use during the shower)
    6. Remove the cap and rinse with lukewarm water (No need to use conditioner)
  • Made in Korea
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