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Instant Coffee with Chaga

Instant Coffee with Chaga

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In 2018, the Chaga Company moved to San Francisco, California, where their team of chocolatiers, chefs, Farmers Market hawkers, and distribution artists produce the world’s finest Chaga products week in and week out. Due to founder Gavin Escolar's relationships with Alaskan foragers, the Chaga Company is able to use only wildcrafted Chaga from the boreal forests of the American Arctic.

This instant coffee is organic 100% arabica that has been ethically sourced. Then The Chaga Company's adaptogenic blend of Chaga, Reishi, turkeytail, and lionsmane mushrooms is added to transform this carefree beverage into a deceptively delicious wellness knockout. The adaptogenic blend work together to give your body a Chaga-charged dose of anti-oxidants, immune boosters, and polysaccharides. All with the swirl of a spoon.

  • 30 servings per container
  • Net weight: 2.3 oz.
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