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Cairn Candle

Cairn Candle

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The Cairin Candle is inspired by precariously balanced rock stacks erected by beach bums along the Seawall in Vancouver, BC and also by the giant, brightly colored rock installations of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, particularly his Seven Magic Mountains piece in the Nevada dessert.

Each rock of the candles is colored through-and-through; not merely on the outside. This creates wonderful effects when the candles burn down. As soon as the flame reaches the inside of a rock, it begins to emit a soft, warm colored glow. At the same time, the multicolored drippings slowly turn the candle into an eye-catching piece of beautiful home décor.

Additional Information:

  • Material: Paraffin
  • Size:
    • Small: 7 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
  • Weight:
    • Small: 0.8lbs
  • Burn time:
    • Small: 30hrs
  • Unscented
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