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Lotus and Clover Decorated Note Cards

Lotus and Clover Decorated Note Cards

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Two flowers growing in the wild: the lotus with one of the largest leaves and flowers, and the clover with one of the smallest. In the “Lotus and Clover” Couplet, the beauty of plants that we might otherwise overlook is celebrated in these botanical paintings.  

Also included is a Correspondence Log Card, illustrated with Felix's favorite pencil, to record to whom and when each card is sent. 

Presented in our book box, the front label is inspired by the art of the envelope. The name of the Couplet is written in Felix’s handwritten calligraphy, and the two card designs appear as envelope stamps.

Additional Information:

  • 10 folded cards - 5 of each illustration & 10 envelopes
  • Printed on ultra-premium, lightly-textured acid-free paper stock
  • Card size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches
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