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Binchotan Charcoal Water Purification

Binchotan Charcoal Water Purification

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Revered in Japan since the Edo Period, binchotan is a premium activated charcoal that serves as a natural air and water purifier. Its innate detoxifying properties make it a potent addition to many beauty and wellness goods, where it helps to cleanse on a microscopic level. Morihata Binchotan charcoal is made through traditional methods from 100% ubame oak by artisans working in the birthplace of binchotan, the Kishu region of Wakayama Prefecture.

Powerful purification. Kishu Binchotan in its purest form.

Binchotan charcoal is regarded as the purest and most effective type of activated charcoal and is revered for its purifying ability. These sticks are made from 100% ubame oak and are exactly as they were when removed from the ancient kilns in which they are made. The high temperatures firing and short cooling times - done by dousing the new charcoal with ash - result in beautiful, glass-like branches of binchotan.

When simply added to a carafe of water, the thousands of microscopic cavities left in the wood effortlessly remove unwanted toxins and impurities, while softening and improving water's taste. Completely natural, the sticks are great for the garden and can be broken up and disposed of in soil once they start to diminish in efficacy (about 3 months). 

Additional Information:

  • Material: Charcoal made from ubame oak
  • Size : Charcoal pieces are roughly the same size, typically about 5 x 1 inches.
  • Instructions: 
    1. After opening, rinse and gently brush two sticks of charcoal.
    2. Place in boiling water for 10 minutes to activate.
    3. Once cool, add to up to one gallon of tap water and let sit for several hours.
    4. Boil again every three weeks; two sticks will last three months.
    5. Used charcoal can be broken up and added to a garden to help aerate the soil.
  • Care Instructions: Please note that this charcoal cannot be used for grilling or burning of any kind.
  • Made in Japan
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