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Persian Miniature Painting

Persian Miniature Painting

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Miniature paintings may be small, but the amount of detail captured is simply captivating, making them a decoration that invites your gaze to linger. Painter Hossein Fallahi trained with a celebrated master of the art and became an expert in multiple styles of miniature painting, including Mongol, Safavid and Kajar. He now supervises a studio of 15 skilled artists who adhere to traditional methods, using brushes made of cats’ hair and pigeons’ feathers to paint on camel bone. Paints are mineral- and plant-based, made with materials such as azure, turquoise, indigo, saffron and henna.

Miniature paintings such as this one often draw their subject matter from classics of Persian culture, such as poems by Omar Khayyam, Hafiz, Saadi, Ferdowsi, Moulavi and traditional stories including Shahnameh and Khosrow-Shirin. They also may depict traditional tribal/clan life or notable individuals such as dervishes, royalty or poets.

 Additional information:

  • Size Framed: 6.75" x 5"
  • Created using brushes made of cats’ hair or pigeons’ feathers on camel bone
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