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Phantoms of Asia

Phantoms of Asia

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Exploring cosmologies, the afterlife and the unseen, the exhibition Phantoms of Asia brought together nearly 30 leading contemporary artists from across Asia and the world to explore spiritual concerns through the collections of the Asian Art Museum. Many works were created in direct response to the exhibition and were presented in juxtaposition with traditional art, exploding notions of time and space. The volume represents the culmination of these energies, and includes contributions by poet Gary Snyder, museum librarian John Stucky, director Yudi Ahmad Tajudin and many others.

Phantoms of Asia, the resulting publication, is a unique and intriguing exploration of the concept of Asia not as a block of political and economic interest but as an interconnected network of "phantoms" of invisible spiritual energy.

Phantoms of Asia was on view at the Asian Art Museum from May 18 through Sept. 2, 2012.

Additional information:

  • Authors: Allison Harding, Mami Kataoka
  • Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
  • Pages: 256
  • Hardcover
  • Publication: 2012


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