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Scroll "Orchid and Bamboo" - Replica

Scroll "Orchid and Bamboo" - Replica

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Display a striking artwork with lovely lines and a story to tell. This replica of the painting Orchid and Bamboo in the National Palace Museum, Taipei’s collection was created by two men: Tao-chi painted the orchid and bamboo; Wang Yuan-ch'i, the waves and rocks.

A painter of landscapes, flowers and fruit, the monk Tao-chi exhibited brushwork that was unrestrained and fluid, developing a new style of his own. Wang Yuan-chi, who served as Vice President of the Ministry of Revenue, is considered one of the Four Orthodox Masters of the Qing dynasty. Both men were very famous painters, Wang Yuan-ch'i having done much to promote Tao-chi's reputation as the greatest painter of southern China.

  • Materials: Silk, paper, ebony
  • Size: 67.7" L x 22" W
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