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Issey Miyake Black Mist Sleeveless Top

Issey Miyake Black Mist Sleeveless Top

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The Pleats Please collected by Issey Miyake is a revolutionary collection using a unique pleating technique to make clothing that is both beautiful and practical, stylish and comfortable. Each piece of clothing is sandwiched in a heat press to imbue the fabric with “memory” that keeps pleats in place, creating both texture and form at the same time. Vertical, horizontal, and zig-zag pleating creates varying effects and architectural shapes. Perfect for daily life and travel, Pleats Please clothing is light and wrinkle-proof, doesn’t need to be dry-cleaned and can be folded to a compact size. The collection reflects Issey Miyake's fundamental concept that "design is not for philosophy, but for life."

First launched in the Issey Miyake line in 1988, this pleats line grew until it finally became a brand of its own with the launch of the spring/summer 1994 collection.

Additional Information:

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash.
  • Made in Japan
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