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Where The Wild Ladies Are

Where The Wild Ladies Are

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In this “delightfully uncanny” collection of feminist retellings of traditional Japanese folktales (The New York Times Book Review), humans live side by side with spirits who provide a variety of useful services—from truth-telling to babysitting, from protecting castles to fighting crime.

A busybody aunt who disapproves of hair removal; a pair of door-to-door saleswomen hawking portable lanterns; a cheerful lover who visits every night to take a luxurious bath; a silent house-caller who babysits and cleans while a single mother is out working. Where the Wild Ladies Are is populated by these and many other spirited women—who also happen to be ghosts. All the stories in Matsuda's book take odd turn after odd turn, and still manages to surprise the reader by ending up somewhere completely unexpected. It is an audacious book, a collection of ghost stories that's spooky, original and defiantly feminist.
Aoko Matsuda is a writer and translator. In 2013, her debut book, Stackable, was nominated for the Yukio Mishima Prize and the Noma Literary New Face Prize. In 2019, her short story “The Woman Dies” was shortlisted for a Shirley Jackson Award.
Polly Barton is a translator of Japanese literature and nonfiction, currently based in Bristol, UK. She has translated short stories for Words Without Borders, The White Review, and Granta and was awarded the 2019 Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize for her own writings.

Additional Information: 

  • Author: Aoko Matsuda, Polly Baroton (Translated by)
  • Published 2020
  • 288 pages, softcover
  • 8 1/3 X 5 1/2 inches
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