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Candied Citrus Peel - Iyokan

Candied Citrus Peel - Iyokan

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Made from citruses harvested in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

Rinds of KANKITSU are delicately peeled, and candied using traditional methods to enjoy the harmony of sweet and tart. The peels are well-coated with beet sugar and dried completely—the candied peels are not sticky and the sugar does not fall off. They can be enjoyed as is, toppings for yogurts and ice cream, garnish for your favorite drinks, key ingredient for desserts and pastries, coat them with chocolate, and so many other possibilities

Iyokan oranges exhibit bright, citrusy fragrance when peeled with well balanced sweet and sour flavor. Iyokan Candied Peels bring you a rich citrus flavor reminiscent of freshly squeezed juice.

  • 1.05 oz
  • Ingredients: Iyokan, Beet Sugar, Millet Jelly, Ascorbic Acid

・100% natural fruits harvested in Ehime, Japan
・Natural citrusy flavor with gentle sweetness & sourness
・No artificial coloring/fragrance/preservatives
・Not sticky & with sugar that does not fall off
・Enjoy on its own or as a garnish for drinks/pastries etc.

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