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Spread the Love Deck of Cards

Spread the Love Deck of Cards

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It all began with a simple message of LOVE. In 2012 founder of the Love is Project, Chrissie Lam, left her corporate fashion job in NYC and moved to Kenya to discover the innovative artisan work there. She wanted to help create jobs for women using her background and network in design and marketing. She was immediately inspired by the incredible beadwork of the Masai tribe and together, created the original red LOVE bracelet. Soon after, she took the first bracelet around the world with her and asked strangers what love meant to them. Fifty countries later, she had captured hundreds of amazing Love stories. It started with one tribe and one country, and today, Love Is Project works with over 2000 female artisans in ten countries.

The Spread the Love Deck of Cards offers a fun and mindful journey into introspection, connection, and greater understanding of oneself and the world around you. A thoughtful, uplifting activity to do with family, friends, or co-workers! 

This deck includes cards with various themes around creativity, romance, family, community, freedom, and more. Each card in the deck can be used as an icebreaker to spark self-reflection and purposeful conversations. Some cards in the deck are also action-oriented, inviting new positive habits and ways of thinking. 

May the activities and conversations that come from these cards create opportunities for deeper self-knowledge while forging more LOVE-able moments and connections!

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  • 1 deck of cards
  • Made in USA
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