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Katakuchi Chawan

Katakuchi Chawan

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The Katakuchi Chawan (片口茶碗) solves the problem faced when preparing matcha the traditional way, but you want to transfer the matcha into smaller cups or into another container. With a traditional chawan, the matcha will not pour easily, and there is generally much matcha wasted that runs down the face of the bowl and spills in the process. The Katakuchi Chawan allows you to whisk your matcha properly, and then pour cleanly into another vessel (great for sharing matcha with friends!). The Katakuchi Chawan can also be used as an elegant yuzamashi (water-cooling pot). Simply pour hot water into the Katakuchi Chawan, allow it to cool to your desired temperature, and then pour into your teapot.

It holds up to 10 oz (300ml), though we recommend 3 oz (90 ml), for whisking matcha.

  • Shitoro-yaki Ware
  • Spouted Matcha Bowl for Easy Sharing
  • Made by Rito Aoshima
  • Diameter 5.5", Height 2.5"
  • Holds up to 10 oz (300ml)
  • 3 oz (90 ml) for whisking matcha
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