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Chineasy Everyday

Chineasy Everyday

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Chineasy, the brainchild of entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh, has been a publishing phenomenon. Its special building-block learning method brought to life by highly recognizable and appealing graphic illustrations has attracted a substantial online following and has been published in fifteen languages. But it marks only the beginning of a larger ambition to educate the world about the richness and character of China's people, its customs and its heritage.

The first volume of Chineasy introduced the method and visual language. This follow-up volume, which requires no experience of the first, expands the scope to include all facets of Chinese life and culture in twelve central sections. Each begins with an overview of key characters before a presentation of the subject using those characters as a basis, providing insight into how Chinese thinking has shaped its language and civilization in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate. As children are increasingly taking up Mandarin, and as business exchange with China develops, this is a single-volume encyclopedia on China that will stimulate young minds, enchant the culturally minded and inspire everyone who seeks new experiences and a wider understanding of the world we live in.

 Additional Information:

  • Author: ShaoLan Hsueh, Illustrator: Noma Bar
  • 256 pages, paperback
  • 7.1 x 9.5 inches
  • Ages 6 & up

 Publication: 2016

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