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Honey Sesame Cashews

Honey Sesame Cashews

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Nuts+Nuts is a woman-owned company. They grew up in Indonesia where they enjoyed snacking on some of the world's best cashews. Inspired by their grandma's recipes which always won raves from everyone who tried them, they decided to launch a business that combined these wonderful native cashews with the same local ingredients and roasting methods that grandma used to make her nuts so yummy and addictive.
What makes Nuts + Nuts special is the care they put in selecting the nuts and staying true to their grandma's recipes. Cashews are directly from small farms in Indonesia without middlemen or brokers and then roast them in small batches for a satisfying crunch. All ingredients are fresh, all natural, and without preservatives. Since cashews cannot grow in North America, Cyrilla and her sister personally travel to build relationships with cashew farmers and artisans around Indonesia. They currently  work with several small farms in Central Java and Bali.

 Slow-roasted premium cashews from local Indonesian farms for several hours to develop a deep, toasty crunch. Cashews are then drizzled with wild forest honey from the island of Kalimantan and toss with toasted sesame seeds. The result is a lightly sweet and delectable treat that is as tasty as it is wholesome. Chop into salads and stir fries for flavor and crunch. A delightful topping for yogurts and ice cream!

  • Ingredients: premium roasted cashews, organic forest honey, sesame seeds and coconut oil
  • 4oz


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