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Hiroki Fukushima Fabric & Wave Necklace

Hiroki Fukushima Fabric & Wave Necklace

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Using traditional Japanese techniques of hammering, rusting, painting, and cutting, Hiroki Fukushima brings out unique textures, color, and shapes in freestanding sculpture as well as functional objects and jewelry.

Known in Japan for large-scale works such as a set of doors installed at Saikai Pearl Sea Center in Nagasaki that were featured in Japan Architect Magazine, he moved to the Bay Area in 2012 to continue his artistic explorations in a new environment. As he told the Asian Art Museum Magazine in our Summer 2013 edition, “If I stayed in Japan, it would be easier for me to do this, but each artwork is a fresh start, an expression of a new idea. To keep my motivation high, it is better to introduce myself to different audiences.”                                                                          


Fabric and Wave Necklace

Additional information:

  • Sterling silver pendant
  • Includes sterling silver hoop
  • 2 inch pendant                                                                                             



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