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Retro Fountain Pen

Retro Fountain Pen

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Aaron P. Lau, began his fascination of wood when he was very young. Influenced by his Grandfather, Aaron would play with hammers, nails, and sandpaper while being looked after by his Grandparents in Honolulu, Hawaii. He started woodworking in 2002 while working as an independent Financial Advisor in Honolulu. Aaron and his wife work together to bring you fine writing instruments made from Hawaiian Koa Wood and inlaying different types of materials from all over the world.

“Lau Lau Woodworks is a company dedicated to celebrating the natural beauty of wood by creating high quality writing instruments and other exceptional items primarily made of Hawaiian woods.  Each creation is entirely handmade and considered a work of art by its creator.

This unique and elegant fountain pen has a compact shape when closed, but when the cap is posted on the other end, it extends and truly balances this beautiful pen. Featuring Titanium and Titanium Gold accented hardware. The Schmidt made nib is flex-steel and features an iridium tip.

The nib and feed is a standard #6 with an international medium tip. This pen includes our Proprietary chemical and ultraviolet resistant finish.

Additional Information:

  • Handcrafted in Hawaii
  • Materials: Koa wood, metals, resin
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