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Gaiwan with Dragon

Gaiwan with Dragon

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The tea vessels known as gaiwan were developed during the Ming Dynasty. Comprising three parts — saucer, cup, and lid — the gaiwan is a versatile option that brews white and green teas exceptionally well, but also can be used successfully with oolong or black teas. After steeping, the tea can be sipped directly from the gaiwan while using the lid to block the leaves from escaping or can be poured into another cup.

This porcelain tea set is  inspired by the collection of the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The dragon, an auspicious symbol of imperial power, was a major decorative motif on imperial porcelain. Here the dragon appears to be rising swiftly through the air, snaking between lotus, its head turned back, mouth gaping, its mane flowing in the wind, and its horns and talons sharp. These features together present the dragon as an image of great vitality and fervor.

Additional Information:

  • Porcelain
  • Set includes teacup, saucer and lid
  • 5 inches high, 4 inches in diameter
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