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Guided Tour of Hell: A Graphic Memoir

Guided Tour of Hell: A Graphic Memoir

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In the aftermath of heart surgery, Sam Bercholz, a longtime Buddhist practitioner and teacher, is surprised to find himself in the lowest realms of karmic rebirth, where he is sent to gain insight into human suffering.

Bercholz ’s near-death experience has more in common with Dante’s “Inferno” than it does with any of the popular feel-good stories of what happens when we die. As part graphic novel, part fine-art book, and the true story of a Buddhist near-death experience, this book is for anyone interested in Buddhist cosmology, offering a detailed and visually dramatic representation of the hell realms.

Pema Namdol Thaye is a master Tibetan artist who has garnered international acclaim as a painter, sculptor, 3-D mandala specialist, traditional Tibetan architect, author and art educator. His illustrations are a stunningly modern interpretation of Tibetan imagery that will amaze lovers of Buddhist art.

Additional Information:

  • Author: Samuel Bercholz. Illustrator: Pema Namdol Thaye
  • 160 pages, hardcover
  • 11 x 8 inches
  • Four-color art throughout
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