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Hibiscus & Mandarin Herbal Tea

Hibiscus & Mandarin Herbal Tea

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With a thriving career and family, qìsane founder Rebecca cherished her life. She ate well and exercised so she could be at her best. And yet she often felt drained, even overwhelmed, as if somehow out of balance. Determined to overcome this feeling, Rebecca looked to her roots for revitalizing support. She craved the traditional qi-boosting brews her mother had prepared at home. Drawing on her study of traditional herbs and her Cordon Bleu qualification, she carefully combined wholesome ingredients to create nurturing tisanes that are powerful, flavorful, and easy to use.

This tangy tisane delights the senses while nurturing the body's systems, releasing passing stress and strain. Enhanced by licorice root, hibiscus and cassia seeds, support a healthy heart and circulation while aged mandarin peel strengthens the stomach and spleen.

  • Ingredients: organic hibiscus, mandarin peel, licorice root, cassia seeds
  • 10 oversized sachets; each good for 2-3 steeps
  • Net wt: 1.83 oz
  • Caffeine & additive free
  • Product of Hong Kong
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