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Kingfisher with Lotus Flower

Kingfisher with Lotus Flower

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Birds of Japan by Hokusai, Hiroshige and Other Masters of the Woodblock Print

A celebration of Japanese printmaking, birds and their habitats, and the pleasures of nature, this magnificent boxed set features more than sixty impeccably reproduced images from masters of the form.

Chickadees amid cherry blossoms, peacocks nestled in wisteria branches, sleeping owls against a moonlit night sky and majestic cranes diving in the ocean waves—these are some of the transcendent pleasures offered in this exquisite collection of plates bound in an accordion style format that honors the Japanese bookbinding tradition. Every major artist of this genre is included—from Keisai, Keibun and Hokusai to Hiroshige and Koson—as the history of Japanese printmaking unfolds in stunning detail. An introductory booklet explores the centuries-long role that nature has played in Japanese art, from Chinese-influenced works of the Kano school, which depicted the bird as a Buddhist symbol, through to the ukiyo-e, when artists strove to capture fleeting moments of pure joy. Fans of Japanese art, lovers of birds, and anyone who enjoys beautiful depictions of the natural world will cherish this sumptuous, satisfying volume of earthly delights.

  • Anne Sefrioui (Edited by)
  • Published April 2022
  • 274 pages, hardcover
  • 6.9 x 4.9 inches
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