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Demi Silver Necklace

Demi Silver Necklace

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Mabel Chong’s designs evoke the duality of nature by blending intricate beauty with earthy materials in an approach she describes as “uncivilized elegance.” Much like the charmingly imperfect stones she chooses, her handmade pieces are designed to remind every wearer of their own raw, exceptional beauty.

As a child, Chong was infatuated with the only piece of jewelry her mother owned: a pair of golden hoop earrings. Her mother later sold them to fund her family’s move from a remote Chinese village to a better life in Hong Kong. By the time she was 13, a single piece of jewelry had not only changed the course of Mabel’s life, but also captivated her heart. Chong nurtured her passion for jewelry by creating her own pieces.

Additional Information:

  • Material: Oxidized sterling silver, white sterling silver, rose gold filled chain, and pave diamonds set on gold plate
  • Chain Length: 16 -18 inches, adjustable
  • Handmade in San Francisco, CA
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