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Milk Chocolate Ginger Sesame Buckwheat Bar

Milk Chocolate Ginger Sesame Buckwheat Bar

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Single-origin chocolate from Madagascar, full of scrumptious vanilla notes, is balanced with zesty ginger, savory sesame, and nutty buckwheat in this flavorful bar. Buckwheat, or soba, is a gluten-free grain despite the name and provides a savory, nutty and earthy profile in this flavorful bar.

  • Earthy, Vanilla, Zesty  •  Contains: Milk, Sesame

Each piece is carefully hand-crafted and will not be identical to the photo.

Produced and packaged in the same facility as soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, and milk products. May contain traces of soy, nuts, milk, and gluten.

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