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Indigo Scarf

Indigo Scarf

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The Mimbres textile collection was born out of a deep appreciation for the one-of-a-kind nature of things that are handcrafted.

In a world where mass production has become the norm, Mimbres set out to present the work of the finest textile artists and craftspeople from India and Southeast Asia. This led to the pursuit of traditional and vintage textiles, along with a contemporary reinterpretation of age-old techniques and motifs.

Mimbres’s designers are intrigued by sustainable materials, such as natural plant-based dyes, organic cotton, flax, nettle, and wild silk. In addition to traditional hand-woven and block-printed textiles, the collection seeks to expand the potential of various dyeing techniques such as bandhani, shibori, clamp, and dip dying.

  • Material/Size:
    • Indigo Hex: 100% Linen, 24 x 76 inches
    • Indigo silver stitch: 100% Cotton, 24 x 76 inches
  • Made in India
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