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Tahitian 10mm Pearl Silver Ring

Tahitian 10mm Pearl Silver Ring

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Tereva is a Polynesian jeweler with a different perspective from other international brands. His style is organic, his creation is centered on the pearl that is the essence and very heart of each jewel.  For Tereva, each creation serves to enhance the pearl versus using the pearl as an accessory.

Tereva was born in Tahiti, a tropical paradise located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Son of Alain Colas, one of the greatest navigators of the modern era, he had the privilege to spend his childhood on the island of Tahiti, the French Polynesia where he got inspired by the priceless value of nature, the richness of its fauna and its colors.

His unique jewelry line featuring this magnificent gem: the cultured pearl of Tahiti. Coming from the turquoise lagoons of the Polynesian Archipels, the pearl is a precious and living gem, it deserves our respect and admiration. 

Every journey begins with an elsewhere desire and eternal freedom. This collection, with its simple, uncluttered and timeless design, symbolizes the traveler’s departure from his home port to distant lands. This collection highlights the traveler’s perseverance in charting his route to his destination port.

Additional Information:

  • Material: 10mm dark purple/green half round pearls
  • Handmade in Tahiti
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