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Scroll "Peonies" - Replica

Scroll "Peonies" - Replica

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Tung kao, whose style was His-cjing and sobriquet Che-lin, was a native of Fu-yang in Chekiang province. Son of the painter Tung Pang-ta, he rose to the position of Grand Secretary in the Ch'ing government. In landscape he continued his father's style-refined and elegant without a trace of the mundane or ordinary. Later in life, he also studied the art of the Sung and Yuan masters. He is referred to as the Junior Tung against his father as the Senior Tung.
The peony is the king of flowers, and as such it symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness. Tung Kao used the "boneless" method of painting without outline to express the exquisite beauty of the flower and to portray the play of shadows across the foliage.

This replica scroll measures 60.25" long x 18.9" wide

satin, ebony

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