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Sea Salt with Chaga

Sea Salt with Chaga

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In 2018, the Chaga Company moved to San Francisco, California, where their team of chocolatiers, chefs, Farmers Market hawkers, and distribution artists produce the world’s finest Chaga products. Due to founder Gavin Escolar's relationships with Alaskan foragers, the Chaga Company is able to use only wildcrafted Chaga from the boreal forests of the American Arctic.

The Chaga Company works with a local San Francisco salt company to source hand-harvested sea salt from the Lost Coast of California, then adds a powerful Chaga concentrate and adaptogenic mushrooms like turkey tail, lionsmane and reishi to make this Chaga Salt. The crystalized Chaga leaves no trace in the mouth, letting the crisp, light, and bright flavor profile of the sea salt shine. You get all the immune-boosting, adaptogenic, antioxidant benefits of Chaga without the hassle.

  • Net weight: 4 oz
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