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Soseki Natsume's I Am a Cat: The Manga Edition

Soseki Natsume's I Am a Cat: The Manga Edition

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Japan's beloved literary masterpiece brought to life in manga form!

Soseki Natsume's comic masterpiece, I Am a Cat, satirizes the foolishness of upper-middle-class Japanese society in early 20th century Tokyo. Written with biting wit and sardonic perspective, it follows the whimsical adventures of a rather cynical stray kitten. He finds his way into the home of an English teacher, where his running commentary on the follies and foibles of the people around him has been making readers laugh for more than a century.

This is the very first manga edition in English of this classic piece of Japanese literature. The story lends itself well to a graphic novel format, allowing readers to pick up on the more subtle cues of the expressive cat, while also being immersed in the world of his perceptive narration. It is true to classic manga form, and is read back to front.
From renowned Japanese children’s author Sachiko Kashiwaba, Temple Alley Summer is a fantastical and mysterious adventure filled with the living dead, a magical pearl, and a suspiciously nosy black cat named Kiriko featuring beautiful illustrations from Miho Satake.

Additional Information:

  • Author: Soseki Natsume, Chiroru Kobato (Illustrated by), Zack Davisson (Translated by)
  • Published September 2021
  • 208 pages, softcover
  • 8 x 5.5 inches
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