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The Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

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"This classic text, first published in 1933, takes one on a journey through time, space and mindfulness. It gives deep insights into how the art of tea ceremony (Cha-no-yu in Japanese, 'hot water for tea'), is not merely about its practical aspects—tea rooms, utensils or gardens—but the arrangement of these various essential components within a space where simplicity is embraced and each movement is a conscious meditation of a calm mind, like a Zen practice." Kyoto Journal

Abundantly illustrated with over 160 drawings and 40 color photos showing every aspect of the ceremony. Framed by intricately choreographed steps, the tea ceremony is as much about the search for enlightenment as it is about serving tea. Within the serenity of the tea room, the ceremony, with its highly formal structure, becomes an object of focus for meditation. As the water is heated and the tea is served, the ultimate goal is losing the sense of self while gaining inner peace.

A.L. Sadler was Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Sydney for twenty-six year as well as Professor of Japanese at the Royal Military College of Australia

Laura C. Martin has studied the complexities of plants for decades and has written for publications ranging from American Horticulturist to Better Homes & Gardens. She is the author of A History of Tea: The Life and Times of the World's Favorite Beverage.

Additional Information:

  • Author A.L. Sadler, Foreword by Laura C. Martin
  • Published April 2019
  • 336 pages, softcover
  • 8 X 5 inches
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