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Mango Wood Ball Vase

Mango Wood Ball Vase

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Bahari Products are handmade in Southeast Asia with materials that are abundant natural resources such as Mango Wood, Teak Wood, Palm Wood and Bamboo, etc. Their design philosophy utilizes these extraordinary materials in a modern elegant way with an emphasis on shape and muted color, reflecting serenity and calm, simplicity and attention to detail. Each piece is hand turned and crafted, thus every piece has its own character and requires the length of time and care of this handmade process.

The Mango Wood grows wild throughout Southeast Asia. The artisans use this wood as a blank canvas to exhibit their talents through unique, intricate carvings.

Additional Information:

  • Material: Mango Wood
  • Size:
    • Three Ball: 16 inches height
    • Four Ball: 22 inches height
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