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Indonesian Textiles: The Vinson Collection

Indonesian Textiles: The Vinson Collection

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The Asian Art Museum's Weaving Stories exhibition displays art from Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It draws heavily upon the Joan and M. Glenn Vinson Southeast Asian textile collection. The thoughtful commentary and the richness of the photographs in this book are a testament to the love of an often underappreciated art form. Archival photographs show textiles in context, revealing how textiles were woven into people's lives. Don Tuttle's artistic eye and technical expertise are evident in contemporary photographs. The Vinson Family created this book as a companion to Weaving Stories and a testament to a life devoted to exploring and preserving an art form.

Additional Information:

  • Authors: Joan, Claire and Glenn Vinson, Photographs by Don Tuttle
  • Published 2021
  • 208 pages, hardcover
  • 9 ½ x 13 inches
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